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Nomsa Mazibuko
Introducing Her Amazing Book
Entrepreneur Awaken with a Drive

Author, Entrepreneur, speaker


I Ddedicate This Book

To my amazing parents who passed on many years ago, family and community who have influenced my life positively and to all the entrepreneurs, clients and organisations who impacted and shaped my entrepreneurial journey along the way.

‘Beautiful story and a refreshing induction for entrepreneurs’



God has been my source of strength and has used several people to help drive my vision. God, yoou have been my rock and in you I have found my reason for being.

my husband

A word of appreciation goes to my husband, Lemmy Mazibuko. You remain the love om my life and the driver of the vision which would never have materialized without your support.

my children

I am grateful to my sons – Mduduzi and Mnqobi – as we my daughter, Nyaniso. All of you are a picture of God’s true and unconditional love. Remain rooted in God’s Word and His will.


‘Keep driving no matter the potholes or road blocks’


Entrepreneur Awaken with a Drive

by Nomsa Mazibuko

This book seeks to encourage entrpreneurs, people who act on their dreams, who are willing to take calculated risks to achieve se goals by eliminating excuses and are eccentially “possibility” thinkers. 

Nomsa shares her over 30 year – long journey as a streetwise entrepreneur. Her remarkable life takes the reader through ther rise from cleaning hotels to owning a number of guesthuses in eMalahleni, formerly known as Witbank, in Mpumalanga (SA).

The reader will learn both from her failures and successes, with practical tips and ideas on how she started more than five different businesses and three Non-Porfit Organisations (NPO).

You will also discover how she created over 1800 employment opportunities through her entrepreneurial initiatives. Nomsa takes immense pride in the fact that – except for the guesthouse business – all of ther entrepreneurial ventures had started in the Township of Kwa-Guqa. This means that any person can emulate her from wherever they are. The will inspire job-seekers to be job-creators.

Aspirant entrepreneurs are encouraged not to do tomorrow what they can do today. For great success tehy should follow their gut feeling, be focuses, grounded and commited. The above ingredients has turned Nomsa’s scars into stars – this can happen to you too.


Nomsa Mazibuko

Tsogo Sun Entrepreneur of the Year 2015/2016

In the two years since I met Nomsa Mazibuko, owner of Visit Vakasha Guest Lodge in Emalahleni, Mpumalanga, I have watched her business thrive and flourish and I have seen her develop herself into a powerful business woman in her own right. She is a well-respected member of her commmunity and her business is making significant social and economic impact in tis locale.

When Simon Sinek explained that “Ideas alone dont change the world, ideas that inspire action do,” he could well have been speaking about the Tsogo Sun Entrepreneurs Programme.

It starte as an idea more than a decade ago, and has grown into a successful development ptrogramme supporting hundreds of small businesses in South Africa, inspiring action in industrious entrepreneurs like Nomsa Mazibuko, with the intention of creating a better world.